Paradoxical Theory of Change

Aside from having an excellent name this is one of the most important in and other therapies, regardless of what they choose to call it…

It basically suggests that one cannot change something unless one first becomes aware of it and accepts it as ones own, seems simple doesn’t it? Well it is really, how can I begin to change something about myself if I am not aware of it? How can I change something about myself if I do not acknowledge that it is one of my traits in the first place? I have to both become aware of and own something before I can begin to look at it more closely and find ways to alter my behaviours, etc, concerning it.

As simple as this might sound, take a moment to consider it before you dismiss it as something so blindingly obvious that everyone should be aware of it, because some people [seemingly] quite happily manage to go through their lives blissfully unaware of it, and of so many things that might improve their lives greatly… Oh, the irony… 🙂

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