Gestalt Me?

JamesWhile reading a book a few days ago I noticed that the author Brené Brown kept mentioning her blog which is being authentic and courageous. I also couldn’t help noticing all the little sticky tags sticking out of the side of the book, tags that I had stuck in to mark certain bits that I had found particularly interesting. Now, so far this might not sound like a great start, but I have many books on my shelves with little tags sticking out of them, many of them I haven’t ever looked at since marking them when I first read them, except a few which were used in essays or dissertations.

So, now there was an inkling of an idea in my head about the possibility of writing about things which I had once found interesting but had never looked back at. Most of the things are in books that I have read while training to become a Gestalt Therapist, a Body Process Psychotherapist or during my training to become a supervisor of therapists. I’m also studying a CBT course now, so there will be even more books with even more markers in them. I guess it would be fair to say then, that these are things which have (and will) made more whole, or just ‘more’ than I was before. I like this because there is an essence of Gestalt in it, not only am I learning stuff but I am learning about myself.

Moving further and moving the original idea further over several days of thinking about it (and trying very hard to avoid doing it) I recalled that I always used to quote Benjamin Disraeli at the beginning of my personal journals.

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it. – Benjamin Disraeli

So this blog is also about learning, all those little things that I’d tagged and never looked at again, and of course there will be stuff about me, reflecting on what these things mean to me and how they change me. You see that’s what it’s all about, growing as a human, finding my true potential, making myself more whole than I was before. So it’s about me, it’s about learning, it’s about me relating to the world around me, and it’s bound to be about how I feel about those things too. Oh, and I’ll probably rant about stuff, share interesting links and post some of my photos here too from time to time, again, feel free to give constructive criticisms..

Does that sound OK or is it perhaps a bit weird? Let me know, I welcome feedback as long as it’s reasonably polite, criticisms are always welcome, alternative points of view too, using Socratic method is a really good way to learn and expand understanding so tell me what you think, I really am interested to know. Which is I read books and put little markers in them to begin with 😉

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